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Summer Newsletter 2018

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Summer Newsletter 2018


“Double for Your Trouble”
By McKade Marshall


In a world full of problems and injustices, it’s important to remember God has not forgotten us. Even when it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel God still has a plan. The Lord has not been removed from His throne, and nothing escapes His notice. It is during times of hardship and adversity that our faith is tested. These tests are what make us stronger and strengthen our faith. The trials we go through can become experiences we grow through.


In the Scriptures, a good man by the name of Job experienced this very thing. The Bible says Job was blameless in the eyes of God. He was the wealthiest man in the eastern regions. In the natural world, it looked like everything was going Job’s way. He had a large healthy family, much livestock, an abundance of land, and many servants. However, in the unseen spiritual realm a turn of events was starting to take place. Angels had gathered before God, and Satan also came in among them. The Lord asks Satan where he had just come from. The devil tells God he had been roaming the earth and walking around upon it. God asks Satan if he had noticed Job His most faithful servant on the earth.


At this point in the story it is important to note that God was very proud of Job. The Lord loved Job so much that He even bragged about him to Satan the adversary. Satan tries to discredit God’s confidence in Job’s love for Him when he tells God the only reason Job is faithful to the Lord is because God protects him on every side, blesses his work, and has made him increase in wealth. Satan tells God to turn His hand against Job, and he will certainly curse God to His face. God replies by saying Satan can bring destruction to all Job has, but he is not allowed to touch the man.


Within seconds of each other, Job loses his livestock, wealth, and ten children. However, Job refused to curse God in response. He even says in Job 1:21 (NASB), “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away. Blessed be the name of the LORD.” Seeing Job refused to curse God, but rather even blesses Him, the devil once again approaches God to test Job further. This time the devil tells God Job will curse Him if he loses his health also. The Lord allows the enemy to test Job further by touching him, but Satan is not allowed to take the man’s life.


This epic scene in Heaven between God and the devil is one we might relate to when it seems like the sky is falling in our own lives. When everything seems to be going wrong, we can sometimes feel like Job. We are doing our best, but things keep falling apart. We keep praying, taking our medicine, but our health still has not improved. We have done all we can think of to grow our business, but nothing seems to be working. It is during these trying times that it is important to remember God is the God who will repay us for our troubles brought on by the enemy.


After losing all his possessions, his children, and even his health, Job endures the pain for a short season. At the end of the set time of suffering, God restores Job to double what he had before the enemy was allowed to bring destruction into his life. Job 42:10 (NLT) tells us, “When Job prayed for his friends, the LORD restored his fortunes. In fact, the LORD gave him twice as much as before!” The Scriptures tell us not only was his wealth restored, but his health was restored, he had ten more children, and he lived to see four generations of his family. What we can take away from the story of Job is the setback was temporary. The suffering did not last forever. While the losses Job experienced were unfair, God was merciful and compassionate.


God gave Job double for his trouble. In the same way, when you go through a loss, God is calculating your losses. God knows to the exact decimal point how much you have lost. The reason God is keeping a tab of your sufferings is because God is the God of justice. He will repay the enemy for what he has done. The way God repays the devil when he brings trouble into your life is by blessing you even more in return. Satan hates it when God’s children prosper and succeed! The good news today is the enemy is powerless when it comes to stopping the blessings of God from flowing into your life.


When my latest book Finding Your Keys: 12 Keys to Living in God’s Kingdom came out earlier this spring, I faced glitch after glitch in order to get the books ordered and delivered in time for my first scheduled book signing. The graphics for the cover kept coming back after each “24 hour review" with errors. The final draft of the book had to be resubmitted several times before the final copy was finally printed and shipped. My nerves were on edge for almost two weeks, as the deadline was quickly approaching to have books at an already publicly promoted book signing. I knew deep down that all of the setbacks I was experiencing before releasing this new book were spiritual attacks.


However, I also knew God was greater than any force trying to stop me from sharing this new faith-filled book with the world.  A few days before my new book release signing, I had no books with which to sign! I called the company printing my books, and they apologized, promising to send a brand new order overnight with free shipping; they also cancelled the first order, told me not to worry about it, and reimbursed me. What I did not realize at the time is the other large first batch of books had just shipped. The company cancelled the first order, but I did not know these books were already on the way. Within 24 hours I had the overnighted books sitting on my doorstep three days before the first book signing. Then the next morning I woke up, and to my surprise, another full order of books was on the porch!


The company had sent both orders of books, one of which had been cancelled and free of charge for failing to meet the promised deadline. The end result was I had twice as many books as the original order, and zero shipping costs. I knew when I received the second order of books that God already had a plan before I started experiencing all the problems leading up to the first book signing. The Lord knew there would be bumps in the road as the book was in the final stages for print. He knew the setbacks that would ensue for days before the book release.


As I reflect on the book of Job, I believe God allowed the enemy to both attack the production of my book and test my faith knowing He was going to give me double for my trouble. Not only did God give me double (twice as many books), He took it one step further and reduced the total cost even more by eliminating all the expensive shipping costs! In the same way, there are some setbacks and losses you may have experienced in life. Sometimes when you go through hardships you may say or hear people say, “That’s just life.” While this statement is true in the sense that there are always going to be troubles in life, there is also in the unseen spiritual realm an adversary who desires to bring God’s people harm.


The enemy would have you believe that God really is not for you. The good news is, as believers, we know this is not true. Romans 8:31 tells us, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Friends, God is for you, and He is fighting against those who are against you. Just like God did not allow Satan to completely destroy Job, God is not going to allow the devil to keep you from your divine purpose. If someone wrongs you or an unfair situation causes you a setback, God is already preparing to give you double for your trouble.


This is what happened to Israel after God allowed their enemies to triumph over them because His people rebelled and broke His covenant in the Old Testament. While the Lord temporarily allowed Israel to experience setbacks and destruction for their disobedience, He was still merciful and ready to restore Israel to an even better status than before their sufferings and losses. The prophet Isaiah tells of Israel’s coming restoration when he declares in Isaiah 61:7 (NCV), “Instead of being ashamed, My people will receive twice as much wealth. Instead of being disgraced, they will be happy because of what they receive. They will receive a double share of the land, so their happiness will continue forever.”


God is in the business of restoring people and their possessions. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one or a financial loss, God knows how to bring you out better off than you were before. The key to seeing double for your trouble is to trust God and believe He can do all things. No matter what the situation looks like in the natural, we serve a supernatural God. What He says overrides anything we see or hear in the natural world. The way we unlock the supernatural power of God in our lives is by our faith. When we come into agreement with God’s Word and the promises He has spoken concerning our lives, angels are immediately dispatched to go to work on our behalf. Psalm 103:20 (NASB) tells us, “Bless the LORD, you His angels, Mighty in strength, who perform His word, Obeying the voice of His word!”


When you speak God’s Word, angels are listening. It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do right in the past. What matters is, do you believe? Do you believe that through Christ all things are possible? It is your words of faith being spoken that cause God’s angels who are mighty in strength to move. As you hear God’s promises coming out of your own mouth, strongholds are being broken. One reason I believe God wants us to speak His promises out loud is not for His sake but for our own. When you hear yourself speaking God’s Word, it transforms you. Hearing yourself say the promises of God helps transform the way you think. When your thinking is transformed, your life is going to be transformed also.


If you are battling an illness right now, speak God’s promise in Psalm 103:3 (NLT):

“He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.”


If you are experiencing a financial setback, declare God’s promise in Joel 2:25 (ESV):

“I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten.”


If you are praying for a family member to come to know Christ, say God’s promise in Joshua 24:15 (NLT):

“As for me and my family, we will serve the LORD."


If you are facing an unfair situation, proclaim God’s promise in Psalm 135:14 (NLT):

“For the LORD will give justice to his people and have compassion on his servants.”


This summer I believe we are entering into a season of seeing God’s promises being fulfilled as we speak them. When Job experienced the loss of all he had, he still spoke aloud and blessed the name of the Lord. In the end, God gave him double for his trouble. When you go through an unfair situation at school or work, keep praising God for His goodness. Know He is working behind the scenes to bring you out better off than you were before. During these hot summer days, God is turning up His power by bringing vindication and justice. The trials you are facing are temporary. The scales in God’s kingdom are measuring out what you’ve been through in order to give you double for your trouble!


Lastly, I want to share with you a new thing God is doing in this ministry. Shortly after my latest book came out, God prompted me to start a Wednesday morning Bible study. Since the first week of May, this small group has met faithfully every Wednesday (except on the July 4th holiday). Then recently, God impressed upon my heart to begin streaming these weekly Bible studies on Facebook Live. I am excited about filming this weekly prayer and Bible study because it shows the candid side of Christianity. The participants are open and honest outside the context of a church service, making the Christian walk all the more real.


Each week I will be e-mailing the video feed of this study to my e-mail subscribers. If you are subscribed to my newsletters but do not already receive weekly e-mails from me, I encourage you to go to www.McKadeMarshall.com and submit your e-mail address on the contact page. Also, every Sunday I e-mail hundreds of subscribers a 15 to 20 minute video called “Word of the Week” with an inspiring Christian message. I do not want you to miss out on these weekly videos so make sure you are signed up!


I declare this summer God is giving you double for your trouble. For every setback you face, God has a comeback to take you further than you have ever been before. Just as the ocean waves recede before coming back in even greater force on an ocean front, your pullbacks in life are setting you up to come back stronger, wiser, and more powerful. Just when the enemy thinks he has kept you from rising any higher, God is causing you to go further along in your destiny than ever before. With the Lord helping you, there is nothing you cannot accomplish! I love you, and I am praying for you.

In His hands,



McKade “Levi” Marshall

Author of "Finding Your Keys", “BREATHE”, and “Tasting the Goodness of God”

To order my new book "Finding Your Keys", go to www.McKadeMarshall.com. If you have any questions or ever need someone to pray for you, feel free to visit my website. There you can submit prayer requests, sign up for and read quarterly newsletters, watch my latest YouTube videos, buy products, make donations, and more.




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