Welcome to the Official Website of McKade Marshall
Welcome to the Official Website of McKade Marshall

A new web TV series premiere

When Summer Sizzles

Season 1, Episode 6

Episode aired on July 14, 2022


Angie's Faith

Season 1, Episode 5

Episode aired on May 14, 2022


God in America

Season 1, Episode 4

Episode aired on April 14, 2022


Lee Talks Prophecy

Season 1, Episode 3

Episode aired on March 14, 2022


Clint's Testimony

Season 1, Episode 2

Episode aired on February 14, 2022


God Accepts You

Season 1, Episode 1

Episode aired on January 14, 2022


The Better View with McKade is a Christian talk show with author and speaker McKade Marshall and co-hosts Mary Boland, Tanner Scott, and Amanda Tabor. The Better View is taking on real life issues from Heaven’s perspective. The Better View helps you bring your faith to life!

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